• Mother ‘numb’ watching footage of son being bullied and threatened with a knife in Ballarat

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    A blurred screenshot from the video published online.

    Source:The Courier, Ballarat

    The mother of a boy who was filmed being attacked by a group of Ballarat youths has said she was “numb” when she first saw the vision.

    Holly* was first notified via Facebook of the incident with a video showing her teenage son being assaulted and threatened with an unseen knife while other boys looked on and laugh.

    The video went viral online with it being shared internationally on Facebook and receiving more than 200,000 views with most viewers airing their support for the young victim.

    The Courier has chosen not to name the people in the video or the mother of the victim.

    Holly spent 15 minutes watching the three minute footage which was filmed in a Ballarat car park on Wednesday.

    “I felt numb and sick. Every time I watch it my chest tightens. He was trying everything to get away,” she said.”But I am proud of the way he handled himself.

    “Your kids should be able to walk around safe. Is he always going to have to look over his shoulder?

    “For them to be carrying knives, it’s part of their bullying tact. It’s terrible.”

    In the video, her son tries to resist attacks from a teenager almost twice his size who threatens him, demanding he give up his jacket.

    “Take your jacket off dog…take it off (expletive) or I’m gonna (sic) stab you with my knife,” the perpetrator says to the victim while holding him by his neck.

    The boy finally escapes while the bullies continue to laugh.

    Holly said she was overwhelmed by the torrent of comments and widespread attention the video had received.

    However, she wished no harm to the perpetrators in the video.

    “It really sickened me when people started posting the perpetrator’s house address online,” she said.”He (the perpetrator) doesn’t deserve to get bashed up, he obviously needs help.”

    Holly said her son was an “outgoing and adventurous” boy and hoped the incident would be a turning point in his life.

    “I don’t think he’s really come to terms with the severity of it,” she said.”He is an outgoing and adventurous child. The fact that he knew the kids bothers me.”

    Holly said one of the most disturbing aspects of the incident was the cruelty of the bullies.

    “It’s just awful. It seemed like normal behaviour to them, it was like a normal part of their day,” she said.”I’d hate to think about how many others they have done it to.”

    The Courier attempted to contact the perpetrators but were unsuccessful.

    Ballarat police have spoken to a number of people featured in the video which was posted to Facebook on Wednesday.

    No charges had been laid at the time of publication.

    A police spokesperson said the incident was subject to an ongoing police investigation and anyone with information is urged to contact Ballarat Police Station on 5336 6000 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.